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About the She Means Business Incubator

The She Means Business Incubator (SMBI) is a digital incubator that helps underrepresented women founders develop viable businesses that aid their communities’ economic development. SMBI was founded in 2019 and will be welcoming it’s 2nd Cohort in September 2020. We are currently looking for expert mentors to join the next cohort and provide one-on-one coaching to an assigned mentor.

SMBI Mentors Support the SMBI Community By:

  • Dedicating at least two (2) hours per week to answer questions, offer feedback, and provide resources to the online community. Every week, you’ll log in to our private Slack Community and engage with cohort participants by answering their questions, providing feedback on their posts, and connecting them with resources inside of SMBI and elsewhere (outside sources must be pre-approved by SMBI staff).
  • Conducting one (1) weekly check-in with your assigned mentee. During this check-in, you’ll be able to answer mentee questions, complete progress monitoring documentation, help mentee create weekly goals, and close gaps on outstanding.
  • Participating in a bi-weekly Mentor Support Call facilitated by either the Program Director or an SMBI Trainer. Attending these calls will allow you to join with other mentors and discuss your experience as a program mentor and provide feedback to the community.
  • Beginning in August 2020, mentors will have an opportunity to contribute one (1) piece of educational training content based on their area of expertise. This could be a pre-recorded training video or tutorial, educational article, or PDF or resource like a checklist, template, or guide. We love giving our mentors an opportunity to shine and FLAUNT THEIR GENIUS! Through regular engagement with cohort participants, you’ll be at the HELM of their learning experience and can develop one piece of educational content to address gaps in understanding. Mentors who choose to submit educational content will receive a commission rate for the original content. Please note submitted content is subject to approval and will be accepted based on how it fits into the current SMBI curriculum. Content submission is completely optional and the paid content fee will not constitute a wage, payment, or compensation for the role as a volunteer mentor.

Benefits of Becoming an SMBI Mentor

  • A flexible schedule that you design! Outside of the weekly Mentor Support Call, there are no set hours.
  • The ability to establish yourself as an EXPERT on the topic you coach on! Our program participants will recognize you as a go-to source for your expertise.
  • Grow your customer and client list as a proven expert for the She Means Business Incubator! SMBI mentors have access to the SMBI alumni network and are able to promote their business services within our community network.

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